My journey started when I was 7 years old and I got the opportunity to borrow a camera from my father. I remember it was a very exciting moment in my life, because we were on the way for a mini-vacation to Legoland in Denmark, so you can bet I was really thrilled about the day. 

At that moment I wasn’t really fascinated by the camera itself and it was of course more about all the lego.  During the visit, I aimed the camera at all possible objects and as I recall, I pretend to be a sports reporter capturing different scenarios. As I reflect on that moment, I wish we all can continue to be childish anytime in our life.

We get home and still up in the sky from the trip I didn’t put so many thoughts on the camera. Actually, it took many days before my father told me, that the images were ready. And then, something inside me happened. I start to realize what a photo is.  It’s a frozen moment in time and it was my moment. I got the pictures and at that moment I knew…  I really knew what I want to do more.  To capture moments.

Later in my life when you suppose to grow up and find your purpose, I had the pleasure to work with lightning for tv and theaters. That gave me a headstart to understand the terminology behind the art.  Now I am a traveling photographer working worldwide in countries as the USA, England, Ukraine and Thailand to mentioning some of the countries  I have been working at, with my life´s both passions… Photography and beauty.